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Welcome to the world of game creation! Hopefully by reading this, you have recognized the potential that Sedis has for gaming. Provided here, we have some general thoughts and guidelines to help you create an amazing, fun game to be shared with other Sedis players.

Objective: You’ll want to have a clear objective that is not easily achieved, but not so complex that it becomes unplayable.

Game Mechanics: Choose game mechanics that push a player towards achieving the objective. Try to have different options that achieve the goal in different ways. Your options should be meaningful (not useless) without being overpowering (the best option).

Instructions: Your instructions must be clear (avoid big words and clunky grammar), concise (try to keep them within a few sentences), and consistent (using the same language avoids ambiguity and cements the terminology).

We at Nefer Games are proud to have you all enjoying Sedis, and are overjoyed that you are giving back to the community by sharing your Sedis game creations. We hope that these guidelines will help you create wonderful games for all other Sedis players to enjoy!

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